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As a triathlete, your dedication to training and competition is unmatched. Now, Challenge Family is revolutionizing the race experience by rewarding your relentless pursuit of excellence. Through an innovative partnership, every stride, pedal, and stroke you make will be celebrated with an array of thrilling rewards and exclusive opportunities.

Prepare to be inspired as Challenge Family becomes the first-ever triathlon series to elevate your journey beyond the finish line. From exciting prizes to unique perks, this pioneering step acknowledges the true essence of your commitment, motivating you to reach new heights in your athletic endeavours.

Don’t just race, elevate your experience! Embrace the competition, and start earning rewards. Make every moment of your triathlon journey count. ✅

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🌟 Introducing The Challenge Streak Muuvment! 🌟
Are you ready to dive deep, ride strong, and run far? Join our newest Muuvment in the Muuvr App and push your limits! For five consecutive days, swim, bike, or run and maintain your streak to unlock the thrill of competition.

🎁 PRIZE ALERT! 🎁 One lucky participant will win a golden ticket to ANY Challenge event of their choice in 2024 or 2025*. Whether you’re dreaming of conquering the waves, roads, or trails at breathtaking locations across the globe, your gateway to glory could be just a streak away.

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