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Muuvr is a new fitness experience that is used alongside your existing fitness apps.. Available on iOS and Android devices it easily integrates with popular fitness devices, rewarding users with ‘Muuvs’ for their fitness journey, which can be redeemed for apparel, equipment, and event entries.

Muuvr is completely free to download and use.

Muuvr is for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or fitness level. We want to motivate the world to be more active.

Muuvr motivates people to be more active, to connect with their friends, and to embrace the challenge of becoming fitter by rewarding them with Muuvs that can be spent on gear, equipment, and event entries in the Muuvr marketplace.

It’s available in most countries on the App Store and Google Play Store. We’re constantly expanding to new regions. If you can’t find it in your country, please let us know.

Muuvr is compatible with iOS and Android devices. We connect to:

  • Apple Fit
  • Garmin
  • Fitbit
  • Zwift
  • Wahoo
  • Polar
  • Suunto
  • Training Peaks

Strava’s terms of service prohibit partner platforms from utilising their data if the partner in question, in this case Muuvr, offer similar services like challenges. Due to this restriction, we’ve decided not to integrate with Strava.

Users earn Muuvs in a variety of ways:

  • Activity Level:
    • A score called MAS (Muuvr Activity Score) is given to each activity.
    • MAS puts everyone’s earning potential on the same level, awarding people Muuvs based on their individual effort.
    • This score is averaged over ninety days, with the ninety-day average determining your Activity Level.
    • Muuvs are rewarded daily depending on your Activity Level.
    • Since this is a ninety-day average, engaging in more activity increases the level, while less activity results in moving down the levels.

The chart below shows a conservative estimate of earnings for a 26-week period with five hours of activity per week. The earning potential is 2,751 Muuvs

  • Rewards and Achievements:
    • Muuvs can also be rewarded for completing various challenges and goals.

The Muuvr Career Rank is separate from the Activity Level and is part of Muuvr’s Motivation Design (MMD) system. In order to rank up, athletes earn EXP by being active, by interacting with each other, and by engaging with Muuvr’s features. There are 16 career ranks.

The score Muuvr gives to activities is called “Muuvr Activity Score” (MAS). This score was established in partnership with sports scientist Jacob Tipper. Jacob works with world tour stage winners and is Ph.D. educated. MAS uses heart rate, gender, and age to measure effort for each activity.

MAS is the starting calculation for EXP.

A rolling 90-day MAS average is used to establish Activity Levels.

MAS is considered a basic measure of effort. Although the team have used science to inform its development, it is not considered to be scientifically proven.

There are known drawbacks to this approach and as such this is constantly being improved.

EXP basically means experience points. EXP is earned by being active and recording your daily workouts, races and events via the Muuvr app. 

The EXP calculation is based on the MAS score

Collectibles are unlocks, rewards, and achievements expressed as digital items. These may be images, sounds, or videos. Some of them are unique to individual athletes, providing ownership in a new way.

Collectibles are unlocked in lots of different ways. For example, a collectible is awarded with each career rank, when reaching significant training milestones, or when completing an epic challenge.

Muuvs can be spent on services and gear in the Muuvr Marketplace.

Yes, we’re really excited about the partners we’re talking to, with lots of exciting announcements coming soon.

No. It is not possible to exchange Muuvs for cash.

Muuvs cannot be transferred between users, but users can award each other with Muuvs for participating in challenges. It will be possible to give Muuvs to your favorite teams, clubs, athletes, ambassadors, or charities in the future.

The original concept was imagined by Michael Hartweg and Claus Hilpold.

The Muuvr founding team is comprised of sports enthusiasts from around the world.

Michael Hartweg

Michael, an entrepreneur and investor, holds 15+ years of financial services experience from Commerzbank and Goldman Sachs. He co-founded successful FinTech firms like Leonteq Securities and Evolute. A sports enthusiast and age group triathlete, he bolsters Switzerland’s sports ecosystem, backing talents and SportTech startups. He’s on the Ironman Group advisory board and co-invested in the Biathlon Arena Lenzerheide, hosting Switzerland’s first World Cup.

Claus Hilpold

Claus, a finance champion, since 2017, actively invests in global blockchains, Web 3 projects, and crypto VC funds. He’s authored books on alternative investments, taught at the European Business School, and completed MIT’s “Blockchain Technologies” program in 2021. He holds CFA and CAIA certifications.

Evan Tomlin

Evan, with 20+ years in tech and finance, excels as an entrepreneur and leader. His successes include founding companies, scaling projects generating billions, and launching a hedge fund system. A CTO, he’s adept in Web3, machine learning, and blockchain, driving solutions on time and within budget.

Rene Flor

René is a trilingual leader excelling in solutions sales and operations. With a proven track record, he’s led multi-million-dollar projects for Finastra and Temenos. Embracing a “building bridges” philosophy, he fosters decentralized ecosystems for collaboration and innovation.

As a tech enthusiast, he co-founded INATBA and joins digitalswitzerland’s committee. René’s achievements in tech and soccer coaching highlight his dedication to progress.

Matt Holden

Matt is an experienced Commercial Partnerships Director with over 20 years of working in the sports and events industry. An ex-CEO & COO having built businesses from the ground up, he is skilled in leading teams, company expansion & strategic development, acquisitions, and partnerships. His global connections across the endurance sports field and cutting-edge knowledge of sports technology bring added weight to the go to market strategy.

He is also an investor and advisor to several sports technology businesses including Supersapiens and Insiders amongst others.

Oliver Zenhich

Oliver is an experienced finance professional with a significant background in the industry, including positions at Berenberg and EFG Bank. He now leads a family office, managing and growing their wealth. Oliver is an active board member, contributing his financial expertise to companies like Partners Group Impact and IDUN. His dedication and attention to detail make him a valuable asset.

Muuvr is owned by the founding team

Muuvr has been funded by the founding team and is in the final stages of closing a round of seed investment.

Muuvr user data is securely stored. Like many applications, Muuvr shares user data with brand partners, but we do this differently. We allow you to opt out completely from data sharing. If you do share data, we compensate you with Muuvs for this process.

At the moment, the only companies that see your data are those you have joined a membership zone or club. If we ever share your data in any other way, we will tell you