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Muuvr supports and supercharges every active person’s human right to learn and earn from their own data.

Our active-data-for-crypto platform inspires and enables active people of every ability, nationality, age, gender, economic status, creed and colour to take ownership of their active data and maximise its value. Our community members trade their active data for cryptocurrency which can then be exchanged for a huge range of rewards, from the latest sports gear to exclusive event access to funding for health and wellness R&D for the benefit of the wider world.

Muuvr is the heart and soul of a new breed of visionary sports community that is committed to independence, inclusiveness, transparency and the transformative power of sport to move the human race forward.

Launching 2023

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Muuvr isn’t a tech play or a finance play. It’s a culture play. Deeply in our hearts we believe in the positive impact of sports on our society and are inspired by the values human beings increasingly care about… the new wave of transparent tech and decentralised platforms gives the power of these values back into the hands of the users and their communities. Finally you can own what you do.

Michael Hartweg
Chairman, CEO & Co-Founder, Muuvr

The Muuvr Team

Michael Hartweg
Chairman, CEO & Co-Founder
Claus Hilpold
Board Member & Co-Founder
René Flor
COO & Co-Founder
Evan Tomlin
CTO & Co-Founder
Patrick Lambertz
Marketing & Co-Founder
Oliver Zehnich
Finance & Co-Founder