The journey has been epic so far, but the best… It’s still to come. Hold on tight for a season of new partnership’s bringing you more value to the Muuvr experience.  

First things first, a huge thank you to each of you for joining us on this journey. Your energy, commitment, and passion are what transform’s Muuvr from a platform into a thriving community, or should we say, the heart of the Muuvment! 💓

Muuvr is like that long, epic ride or run that just keeps on giving. It’s where you find your community, the ones who understand why you would rather lace up your trainers before the sun rises than stay cosy under the covers. Muuvr; It’s for anyone who believes a day spent pushing a little harder, reaching a bit further, or simply soaking in the good vibes with like-minded endurance sports enthusiasts is a day well spent. Whether you’re all about crunching those kilometres, diving into weekend adventures, or just dipping your toes into the fitness world, you’ve found your spot. 🤝

Here, every high, low, and laugh in between is part of the journey. Smashed a new personal best? Brilliant, we’re chucking some Muuvs your way to celebrate. Looking for that push to get moving? We are right here, cheering you on. And with Muuvr, those strides, rides, and strokes aren’t just good for the soul; they are your ticket to cool stuff in the Muuvr marketplace, thanks to the Muuvs you collect. So, every effort, every drop of sweat is more than worth it. Because it’s not just about reaching that finish line; it’s about the shared stories, the fist bumps, and those cinnamon swirls along the way. ✅

It’s been an incredible ride, (or run or swim) so far, celebrating every milestone, every EXP earned, and every Muuvment completed. And it’s not just us who are noticing your amazing achievements; our partners are too. 👀

In case you missed it, we’ve teamed up with some of the biggest names in the game: HUUB,Sponser Sports Food, FIT for LIFE, Swiss City Marathon, Cyclist Mag, among others. These partnerships have already kicked off, bringing our community exclusive content, special offers, and money can’t buy experiences tailored specifically for the endurance sports we adore. 🌍

Moreover, we’ve launched our verified athlete profiles, a feature we’re all pretty excited about. This means you can now connect with, get tips from, and be inspired by some of the top athletes out there. And speaking of top athletes, we were absolutely thrilled to welcome triathlon legend Daniela Ryf to the Muuvment. Having Daniela with us has been nothing short of inspiring, offering us all a closer look at what it takes to be the best in the world. 🏆

What’s Next…

But that’s just the beginning. We’re on the edge of rolling out new partnerships that will further enrich your Muuvr experience. These collaborations are geared towards bringing you closer to the sports you love, offering more ways to engage, learn, and grow. 📈

As always, our mission is to celebrate and reward your hard work and dedication. We’re enhancing the ways you can earn and spend your Muuvs, making every effort count for more. Anticipate more gear, exclusive events, and unique experiences designed to fuel your passion and support your fitness journey. 🚞

Stay tuned, keep pushing, and once again, thank you for being such an integral part of the Muuvment. Here’s to exploring new sports, achieving more milestones, and earning those Muuvs together! 💥

Team Muuvr 👊

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