How to Earn Muuvs

In the realm of fitness and wellness, the Muuvr app stands apart as a beacon of motivation, rewarding users for their dedication to healthier lifestyles. At the core of this reward system are Muuvs – digital tokens that signify your commitment to physical activity. But how exactly are Muuvs earned?

1️⃣ The Muuvr system gives each qualifying exercise a score based on the time and intensity of the activity.

2️⃣ The total scores for these activities are added up each day.

3️⃣ We calculate your average score over a 90-day period to establish your Earning Level.

4️⃣ You earn Muuvs EVERY DAY based on your Earning Level.

This means more exercise in a 90-day period will give you a higher Earning Level and a higher daily reward.


If you decrease your exercise, you will move down the Earning levels and reduce your daily reward.

We designed it this way to encourage a balanced and healthy approach to exercise. Earning on the days you don’t exercise means you get rewarded for rest days and don’t miss out if you’re injured or unwell!

An average of five hours per week will result in around 5,000 Muuvs per year.