Daniela Ryf vs. James Cunnama! The Pro vs. the Ex-Pro!

Over five intense days of running, riding, and swimming, these two elite athletes battled it out in South Africa. Daniela, in her preparation for Ironman South Africa, and James, bringing his ex-pro skills to the table, went head-to-head to see who could complete the five-day streak. Let the games begin! Who will come out on top?

The Challenge 🚵🏃‍♀️🏊‍♂️

The GTN Streak Challenge was set against the stunning backdrop of South Africa, where both athletes pushed their limits through a grueling series of events. Daniela, a multiple Ironman World Champion, was in peak form as she prepared for her upcoming race. James, though retired from professional racing, showcased his enduring athleticism and competitive spirit.

Watch the Showdown 🎥🍿

Curious to see who triumphed? Find out who won by watching the video on the GTN YouTube channel: GTN Streak Challenge🏆🔥

Join the Fun

Now it’s your turn! For five consecutive days, swim, bike, or run and maintain your streak to qualify for a chance to win amazing prizes, including a signed Daniela Ryf Tri-suit, a pair of Hoka’s, or a Q36.5 Jersey. Join the challenge and show us what you’ve got! Share your progress and experiences with the community and see how you stack up against fellow Muuvr’s around the world.

How to Participate⬇️

  • Join the GTN World and enter the ‘GTN Streak Challenge’

  • Run, ride or swim for five consecutive days.

  • Track your progress, link your activities & watch your EXP roll in.

  • Tag GTN & Muuvr on your social media for a chance to be featured.

Whether you’re Team Daniela or Team James, this challenge is the perfect way to test your endurance and have some fun. Don’t miss out on the excitement and the chance to win fantastic prizes. Get Muuving, keep your streak alive, and become a part of the GTN community on Muuvr!